Apr 12, 2021

2 min read

BURST — DeFi Money (Presale & 500,000 $BURST AirDrop)

Burst is a Decentralized Finance platform aimed to make end user experiences interacting with DeFi products as seamless as possible. Burst is currently in presale on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain until 31st of April. The platform offers users exposure to various DeFi products in one place. Utilizing many effective DeFi technologies such as staking pools, Atomic swaps, an NFT marketplace, payment processing, and a cryptocurrency education incentive.

The Burst platform eliminates any barrier to entry to users looking to utilize these DeFI developments and take their finances into their own hands. There is no need to waste time with sign ups with Burst as it hosts a non custodial wallet ready for use on any device. This will allow users to use their Burst tokens and other supported tokens, including any ERC token.

The platform will introduce yield farming early after release, with extra attention given to the end experience. Burst aims to achieve one click yield farming or close. Whether on the go with the web DApp.

Burst will offer NFT vaults that will act as NFT DeFi instruments. This feature will allow users to mint NFT’s by locking up a set amount of Burst that they will be able to redeem for Burst again in the future if they wish to revert back to the tokens. The functions of these NFT’s will be unique to the sets and current mint contract.

Users will be able to swap their crypto assets on Burst with BURST tokens or other major cryptocurrencies. There is 25% of the total supply of 31,000,000 available through the presale.

The presale can be joined by swapping ETH or BNB for BURST using the below links.

BURST BEP20 can be swapped with BNB here

BURST ERC20 can be swapped with ETH here

Swap ETH and BNB for BURST and you will be automatically eligible for BURST AirDrop which will happen on the 23rd of April 2021, 15:00 UTC.

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