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With the explosion of decentralized finance (DeFi) we have seen billions locked into DeFi protocols. This has propelled the crypto bull market into new all time highs, and we’ve seen countless new users take charge of their own finances through the many opportunities presented to them. These DeFi protocols are typically exclusive to one chain and do not meld with each other very easily.

Burst bridges the gap between chains allowing all your DeFi needs on one platform, with atomic swaps you are not restrained to any one chain anymore on the Burst platform. Burst users will be able to swap from multiple cryptos to Burst and between each other. Users will be able to use the Burst non-custodial wallet to interact with their crypto assets, and take place in DeFi strategies and protocols such as yield farming.

With 2021 quickly becoming the year of the NFT, Burst merges this new fascinating technology with the disruptive technology we see in the DeFi ecosystem. Melding decentralized fintech solutions with an NFT marketplace allowing for users to trade NFT’s with their farmed Burst brought to them by the platform.

With all this in store, Burst aims to bring decentralized solutions to the payment processing world. One platform to bring a one stop solution in a decentralized manner with no barriers to entry,

Non-Custodial Wallet

The Burst platform brings users a non-custodial wallet, this allows for all interactions with the Burst platform to be totally secure. Users will be in complete control with their private keys and can use their crypto assets in the way that they were intended to be used.

The wallet will not only host Burst, it will also host other major cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with ERC-20, BEP-20, and various NFTs on their wallet.

The Non-Custodial wallet can be accessed on any mobile web browser and through any web browser. This will allow for anyone wanting to partake in the offered DeFi features to do it on the go, or from the comfort of their home and on any device.

Yield farming will be offered through the platform and allow for on the go asset management. DeFi doesn’t have to end when you leave the house, and it should be an enjoyable experience for Burst users, so it will be.

Integrated Atomic Swaps

Burst brings native atomic swaps from major cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum directly to the platform. Users can swap in and out of Burst without having to enter a secondary ecosystem although it will still be traded on decentralized exchanges. If users want to take part in DeFi features on the platform with Burst they will be able to without issue.

Atomic swaps are an essential aspect of cryptocurrencies in the modern world. They are a part of the vision of many crypto pioneers and we will stay true to the vision. The atomic swaps taking place on Burst will not be exclusive to only burst swaps but also between any crypto integrated to the platform, with the list set to expand with future growth and development.

Burst NFT Marketplace

Burst will embrace the explosion of NFT’s onto the platform and not only offer a place to store them safely in the non-custodial wallet, but also allow for the trade of NFTs on the Burst NFT Marketplace. NFT’s offer unique solutions that expand in uses every day and Burst aim’s to be at the heart of the action.

Users can sell, or auction their NFT’s on the marketplace to take part in this still emerging technology. With digital forms of art likely constituting the majority initially, we expect NFT’s with more real world use cases to become more common such as tickets to an event, or the rights to a share of a unique physical asset.

Burst Payment Processing

Payment processing will be on Bursts horizon because users need to be able to use their crypto for it to actually thrive into the future sustainably. Crypto assets cannot solely be speculative assets and stores of value. With DeFi we see more use-cases arising to be able to use coins in the digital world, but a lack of options bridging real life needs to the digital world.

With the Non-Custodial Wallet offered by Burst we aim to not just host crypto, but offer a set of features to cater to vendors needs. Burst is aiming to bring new solutions to the world of payment processing and to bank the unbanked through blockchain solutions.

Burst Rewards via LEarning

The next adoption curve for Crypto would be nothing short of a massive awareness Burst where everyone is aware they could now be their own Bank. Burst.Money is aimed at fostering this awareness Burst via crypto education and knowledge dispensation.

Burst rewards is a community reward system which will incentivizes the Crypto community to create educative and knowledgeable Crypto and Blockchain resources which is then voted on by the community. resources would be created or drafted on an open CMS hosted on Burst.Money, authors would be able to sign their contents with their private keys to prove ownership. Once the author approves resource to be published, it’s then listed on the Learning page, the resource would be reviewed by the community and could be upvoted or downvoted by the community.

Each content would receive cumulative points based on it’s quality as voted and remarked by the community, author would be able to convert received points to BURST tokens.

Burst Rewards does not only reward authors but also rewards readers and learners for participating in $BURST liquified Quiz pools. This is a solid way to drive crypto education via rewards.


Burst tokens will have a total cap of 31,000,000 tokens and 21,000,000 initial supply.

Total Cap = 31,000,000

Initial Supply = 21,000,000

Token Distribution

PreSale = 25%

Marketing = 20%

Yield Farming = 35%

Burst Rewards = 5%

Developers / Team = 10%

AirDrop = 5%


3,100,000 BURST has been allotted for presale on Bounce.Finance platform, the presale can be joined by swapping ETH or BNB for BURST using the below links.

Burst Community

The Burst community is a “decentralized financial inclusion for everyone movement” if you love financial freedom and decentralized finance, it’s time to Burst up your enthusiasm in the community. Join discussions and updates on Burst social and community channels using the below links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurstMoney

Telegram: https://t.me/burstdotmoney

Medium: https://medium.com/@burstmoney

GitHub: https://github.com/burst-money



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Crypto going BURST Self-Custody Payment network and a new kind of money.