Crypto & DeFi Adoption Burst is upon us.

Burst is a DeFi platform as well as NFT marketplace. Burst platform is looking to bring new DeFi concepts to the new wave of people entering crypto who are not as knowledgeable as the ones that have been around for years now. When I talk about crypto with my friends and family, the stuff I say goes way over their head. These things happening now are pretty complicated although we have gotten used to them. To put it in perspective, there are so many trading techniques that only exist in crypto such as flash lends.

The new wave entering that’s gonna push the whole space to ATH’s needs simplicity. People barely understand the concept of a keypair. When you start talking about things like yield farming and staking they get totally lost. The platform that can bring these concepts to this wave with simplicity is gonna be a winner. We’re gonna see some amazing things happen to these platforms.

Burst has a super slick wallet that is released and working. It allows for the exchange of some major cryptos for Burst right on the platform. The wallet is non custodial so you know it is safe and your keys are in your own hands. There is also staking on the platform.

The NFT marketplace is gonna have its own hype and NFT’s have so much interest right now. Everyone is looking for new things including NFT’s. Even if it seems unrelated to the DeFi side of the platform, the fact they have it is going to get people excited, and they will likely speculate.

This new wave entering is gonna look for whatever makes sense to them. This platform is simple and makes sense. People will want to play with DeFi in a place that doesn’t scare them.

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Crypto going BURST Self-Custody Payment network and a new kind of money.